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Findaff is the solution that saves valuable hours of online search to recruit new affiliates and allows affiliate managers to manage their existing affiliate program!!!

Findaff.com has developed a search tool which sorts thousands of websites and returns hundreds of only relevant and active results ,saving affiliate managers hours & days searching the web in an attempt to recruit more affiliates to their program.

This innovative solution saves affiliate managers both time and money. findaff.com search tool is a must for every affiliate manager/ business development


  • Relevant URLS with website image
  • Data & banners : how many display banners and images. You can see what the affiliates promoting now!
  • Contact informationnt
  • Social links
  • All information you need for 1st engagement
  • If you would like us to advise you how to use findaff.com and / or you are looking to recruit relevant B2B partners , please do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide you through